Tis the Season to Celebrate the Irish

Tis the season to Celebrate but not Insult the Irish

Unfortunately, racial slurs against the Irish are still regularly used. In fact a story in 2012 shocked the Irish community when an Australian construction company owner actually advertised for a job saying “No Irish” need apply.  Although it’s sad that these racial slurs are still being used, we’ve put together an amazing list of some of the most strange and wonderful insults towards the Irish and where they came from. You’ll be surprised at the weird and historical origins.

Bog – Jumper
Bog – Trotter
Carrot Top

St. Patrick’s Day is a time to celebrate the rich history of Catholic faith promoted by the patron saint as well as the culture of Irish Americans. For many, however, the feast day has become a caricature of itself, with a distorted message of drunkenness and debauchery propagated by merchandise sold in stores and at kiosks at fairs, malls and parades.

We in the Irish community are fully aware of the commercial aspect of observing St. Patrick’s Day. We are also aware of, and do not appreciate, nor do we want to see, degrading or insulting depictions of our Irish ethnicity. We welcome celebrations not attacks. WE WILL NOT SUPPORT businesses or commercial outlets that insult us. Instead true and complimentary aspects of our culture should be depicted involving our social organizations, dance, music, language, art, and charities we generously support. These would provide a large pool of subjects and objects worthy of your commercial attention. Celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with us. Questions? ________________

Be on the lookout for items on sale.  If you see insulting items I ask you to take them off of the display or rack and give them to a sales person at check out, telling them they are offensive.

And I promise I will do the same!

Respectfully submitted:  Bill O’Neill

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